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International DriveWe wanted to find out about Hotels and Restaurants, who they were and what they offered...how often must it be happening to you?...Kissimmee-US192 was not only designed to show you the Walt Disney World Resort area, it's prime directive is to put you in touch with the businesses...Great Rates on accommodations, villas, car rental, theme park tickets and much more in Orlando.International Drive

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Street Level Map...
All businesses along International Drive have a listing in the unique
Map / Directory

From it's southern end at US Hwy 192 to the North end at Belz Mall, you will be able to locate Hotels, Restaurants, Attractions, Grocery Stores etc...

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International Drive Trolley System.

The International Drive Trolley System provides a quick, convenient and 'low cost' way to get around the sometimes congested areas of the far north sections of International Drive (nearest Universal Studios). Fares are $1.25 per person for the most part and they do offer an 'unlimited' service from $4.00 for an entire day's travel.  Kids are FREE and Seniors pay just .25c (65 and over).

Combination Day passes are also available -
Three Day Pass: $6.00 per person. Five Day Pass: $8.00 per person. Seven Day Pass: $10.00 per person. Fourteen Day Pass: $17.00 per person.

The 'Main Line' or 'Red Line' route will take you to the junction of Universal Blvd and International Drive North. From there, it is possible to walk to Universal Studios, but you're probably looking at a 1/2 mile walk - this is NOT recommended. Use other services available. Most Hotels offer a 'free shuttle' to Universal Studios and Sea World from this area. Best take advantage of it.

The International Drive Trolley is known as the I-Ride Trolley and sometimes the I-Drive Trolley.

Here's how the I-Ride Trolley works:

'Green Line' Trolley. Exclusively for Universal Blvd, begins here. Serves all of Universal Blvd from Wet N' Wild at it's Northern end, South to the Orlando Convention Center and ends continues down International Drive South.

The 'Green Line' Trolley arrives approximately every 30 minutes...
Be very careful sitting out in the sun waiting for your Trolley, it could be very hot! Definitely wear a hat.

What to look for:
South Bound: Look for the South Bound markers with Green Circles with Yellow Numbers.
North Bound: Look for the North Bound markers with Yellow Circles with Green Numbers.

'Red/Main Line' Trolley - the 'Main Line,' applies to any one staying on (or just off) of International Drive, or in the Major Blvd. Hotel area. For most of you, this is your trolley.

The 'Red Line' Trolley starts in the Major Blvd. Hotel area and travels south to the Orlando Premium Outlet Mall, it ends here. Stops for areas of interest along the way (in geographical order) include Belz Factory Outlet Mall, Fun Spot Amusement Park, Skull Kingdom, Wet N Wild, Pirates Dinner Show, Ripley's Believe It or Not, Guinness World Records, The Mercado, Titanic 'The Exhibit', Pirates Cove Adventure Golf, Wonderworks, Pointe Orlando, Orlando Convention Center, SeaWorld, and Orlando Premium Outlet Mall.

The same applies with all of you staying on International Drive, all depending on where you're located in relationship to these attractions. Click on any of the links above to get your bearings...

The 'Red/Main Line' Trolley arrives approximately every 20 minutes...
Be very careful sitting out in the sun waiting for your Trolley, it could be very hot! Definitely wear a hat.

What to look for:
South Bound: Look for the South Bound markers with Maroon (Red) Stars with Yellow Numbers.

North Bound: Look for the North Bound markers with Yellow Stars with Maroon (Red) Numbers.

Trolley Route Transfers - More applicable to the 'Green Line' Route. You can transfer from one line to the other (it's free). Just ask the driver upon boarding. Only two stops available for this: Red Line 14, Green Line 2 at the junctions of Universal Blvd and International Drive North and in front of the Orlando Convention Center Red Line 32, Green Line 10 - Look for the 'Star Shaped' signs.

Follows the same colour schemes as both the 'Red line' and the 'Green Line' when indicating Northbound or Southbound direction.

Helpful Tip: Think of a Traffic light and the colors Red and Green. Circle or Star Shaped..., if you see any one of these signs you'll be going South Bound from your location. If it's Yellow, you'll be going North Bound. The numbers only mark the locations of each stop...

I-Ride Trolley Map Link.

Viewer Notes:

Canada Ave Viewers: - Take a peek...

A unique location nestled in between both International Drive and Universal Blvd. Two choices here - the 'Green Line' or the 'Red Line.' - A short walk may be involved...

Major Blvd Viewers: - Take a peek...

The Trolley System actually starts it's South Bound service in the Major Blvd Hotel Area via. Kirkman Rd. This is also the way you'll arrive to get to your hotel. Whether you're coming from the the Sanford or Orlando International Airport via the Beeline Expressway, Sandlake Rd or Interstate 4...

Universal Blvd Viewers: - Take a peek...

Any and all attractions listed on International Drive on Maps 2 and 3 are easily accessible via a 'Short Walk' via all side roads listed on the right-hand side of our 'International Drive' Map Systems (example). Figure on no more than one or two 'City Blocks' that separates these two road systems all along these map sections.

And...One Last Viewer Note:

Whether it's from Universal Blvd, or Major Blvd, Universal Studios is not really within walking distance from either location, nor does the Trolley drop you off there. Best use the 'Free Shuttle Service' that are offered by most hotels in this area. You'll find this information on many of the hotel descriptions that we've linked from on both the Room Locator and the Map System.

There is no Trolley Service from the Bottom of our Map #5, and all of Map #6 down to US Hwy 192 Kissimmee...

Note, these maps are for information & help only.
Not all stops are shown, missing stops are opposite the nearest number.

Not Driving in Orlando ?

There can be many reasons to not drive in Orlando, especially for British Visitors who are worried about driving on the wrong side of the road.

The International Drive Trolley Bus System is ideally suited for you...

Trolley's operate from 8.00am to 10.30pm 7 days a week at approx 20 minute intervals.

Calling at Belz Mall, Wet n' Wild, The Mercado, Orlando Orange County Convention Center, SeaWorld, Orlando Premium Outlets and all the Stores & Restaurants in-between.

Most hotels in this area will either have a free shuttle service to Universal Studios or even Walt Disney World (one or the other, sometimes even both).

Generally, you'll find this information via our Hotel descriptions. These links can be found on any of our Room Locators, or any where along our Map System...

You can take the Lynx Bus, Route 50, to Walt Disney World from Sea World.




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