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International DriveWe wanted to find out about Hotels and Restaurants, who they were and what they often must it be happening to you?...Kissimmee-US192 was not only designed to show you the Walt Disney World Resort area, it's prime directive is to put you in touch with the businesses...Great Rates in Orlando

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From it's southern end at US Hwy 192 to the North end at Belz Mall, you will be able to locate Hotels, Restaurants, Attractions, Grocery Stores etc...

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You may even find the answers to your questions by looking at any one of our family of Orlando websites which we've listed below for your convenience. covers the Walt Disney World Resort area and the West and East Maingate areas. covers the Downtown Disney and popular hotel areas of Hotel Plaza Blvd. covers all the hotel and attraction areas of this part of Orlando such as Universal Studios, Sea World and the Orlando Convention Center.

For a quick overview of the hotel areas of Orlando, we then suggest that you start your journey by going to:

The maps and subgroups of these sites may answer a lot of your questions...

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