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From it's southern end at US Hwy 192 to the North end at Belz Mall, you will be able to locate Hotels, Restaurants, Attractions, Grocery Stores etc...


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Orlando Discount Attraction Tickets

In this section of our Directory, you will find what we hope to be is one of the more comprehensive overviews of the 'Discount Attraction Tickets' that will be available to you when vacationing in the area. You will also be able to order your Discount Disney Tickets, Walt Disney World Park Hopper Passes, Orlando Flex Tickets or any number of the area attractions from this page. Read on and then order your selections by following the link at the very bottom of the page. Here, you'll be able to order your tickets via fax, phone or via 'secure' online purchases.

There are even 'free'' tickets that can be found in the area. All will be covered in our overview that follows...

There will be many opportunities for you to purchase 'Discount Attraction Tickets' to the major attractions, Walt World Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World etc.

Though we feel that it's our duty to give you an overview of this particular area of 'Discount' Ticket promotions throughout the Kissimmee, Lake Buena Vista and Orlando area.

As you drive in any of these areas, you will find a bombardment of signs advertising offers such as 'Free Tickets', 'Two Disney Tickets For $20.00' or even offers of '$100.00 in cash'.

These offers are true to their word, but will require your attendance at a 90-minute introduction to one of the area's Vacation Ownership Resorts.

Though the Resorts form a large economic base in the area, these presentations are not for everyone. The quality and style of these presentations will vary from Resort to Resort. 

It's a great way to save money on your vacation, but this will always remain a matter of preference.

We rather point out to you that these outlets, though acting as agents for the Resorts, are not necessarily controlled by the Resorts.

You may be conducting business with an independent entrepreneur who may not necessarily adhere to the code of conduct you expect.

Though we understand that a market exists for these types of promotions, we would still encourage the Area Resorts to promote such offers through a specially designed 'Mini-Vacations' section off of our 'Accommodations' page, subgroup 'Resorts.' 

We just feel that by promoting it this manner via 'free' or 'deeply discounted' 3 day/2 night' Resort Packages, it just remains a better way of promoting this to our viewers.

There are many variables here and way too numerous for us to completely cover, but in fairness to all, we feel that this would be the better way. Everything upfront, and no surprises - this would be to everyone's best interest. 

Now, let's talk about Discount Attraction Tickets. 

One of the most outstanding 'Vacation Values' that we're aware of when visiting this area is the 'Orlando 4-Park Flex Ticket.' An unbeatable value, this ticket allows you unlimited access to Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, Sea World and Wet N' Wild for 14 consecutive days! So if you're staying in the area for at least a week or so, this is a ticket that is definitely worth your attention, and what's more, it's less than the 1-day admissions to each of the above Parks! 

But let's talk about Disney Tickets too...

Probably the most popular of the Disney Tickets are the Disney 4-Day, 5-Day, 6-Day, 7-Day 'Hopper Passes,' which unlike the 'Orlando Flex Ticket,' never expire. And it's probably why you'll pay a little more for these tickets, but there will be a slight savings over the 1-day admissions, and besides you don't have to wait in lines at ticket windows, which at times, can be as long as the lines at the Attractions.

Another benefit of buying a Walt Disney World 'Hopper Pass,' is even if you don't use the additional days on the ticket, you can come back a year later, 5 years, or even 20 years later to use up the portions remaining. As long as Disney's there, they're still valid, and considering that the Attractions will go up in price about 10% in price each year, not a bad investment either as where else could you such a high return on your money.

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Naturally, with any links that go outside of our site, you can always hit the back button of your Browser at any time and there we'll be, just waiting for you:, and

Now, let's save you some money! 

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