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International DriveWe wanted to find out about Hotels and Restaurants, who they were and what they often must it be happening to you?...Kissimmee-US192 was not only designed to show you the Walt Disney World Resort area, it's prime directive is to put you in touch with the businesses...Great Rates in Orlando

Finally: A Marketing Program for the entire Orlando area!

Be part of this exciting directory that catalogues the diversity of Orlando into one easy to read and understandable format. Whether your business interests are in catering to a local clientele, vacationers or a combination of both, this directory will literally put you on the map with its broad appeal to the local, regional, national or international markets that serve the area. Our sites say it all!

We’ll Put You On The Map!

Geographic Locator Business Directory - Basic Listing

Every Motel, Hotel, Suite or Resort that may be located along US192 in Kissimmee, Hwy. 535 in Lake Buena Vista and International Drive in Orlando, Florida will all have a listing 'free of charge' in our directories. Both guests and visitors alike will find you with its easy to read landmarks, and locators.

Many of the area's restaurants and shops and such will also be listed here, whether it's now or sometime in the future. However, due to spacing limitations in the various areas, we've decided to take a different approach to this via additional pages - these will all be done on a request by request basis and will be offered to all the various 'Mini-Malls,' 'Factory Outlets,' Shopping Centers,' 'Restaurants' and 'Gift Shop/Souvenir Shops' throughout the area. Should you fall within this category, please contact us for the expanded format that may best help you to promote your businesses in our Directories.

Advertising Display on US Hwy 192 Map, Lake Buena Vista or Orlando Maps

Augment your listing with this unique program to market your property. Guests will be able to view your property directly from the 'detailed' graphics of the US 192, the Hwy 535 and International Drive Maps, which categorizes each roadway into separate sub-groupings. Not only will guests or visitors to the area know exactly where you are in these areas - they’ll also know what to look for when arriving. You get a 5" * 3.75" artwork area to get your message across. *

Definitely puts you on the Map with the area’s visitors - a "must see" innovation!

Business Showcase -

You're own page on the within any of the sites. Written by our experienced staff, this page will explain your features and benefits in language that, visitors from both the US and Britain can understand. Includes 1 exterior and 1 interior photograph of you business.

Area Coupons -

Best value for money! Must be used in conjunction with an "Area Showcase" and links to a printable coupon page.

Why pay thousands to Print Mediums! Plus, the Program allows you to change your offer anytime you want.

Finally, marketing that you control!

Membership Directory - Hyperlink

With the thousands of pages that will be designed for the, family of websites, literally hundreds of thousands of vacationers will be able to find and access your site through this database. As we position ourselves to be the premier "mega-site" for the US 192 area, Hwy 535 in Lake Buena Vista and International Drive in Orlando, all roads will lead through our sites.

If the "Brit" market is want you want, then this is the family of sites, of all sites to be on! A Database Directory introduction will guide viewers to your category followed by your Showcase and Hyperlinks to your own site.

Membership Directory & Area Showcase - Executive Level

This service extends the Area Showcase to include Web Site & Development Services, including On-Site Marketing And Editorials Relating To Your Business. Includes Web Address Specific to 'Your Business Interest' e.g. your company and your and e-mail address. Set in a uniformed 1-page format so those consumers can find you fast! As an extra bonus, not only will you have your own domain that is only accessible by only your viewers, we’ve also included a ‘mirrored page’ on the site that would most pertinent to you, and at no additional cost. Double your options, without doubling your costs! 

For a sample see click here... ***

For more information, or to have a representative contact you, please mail us at:

Thank you.

* Each of these advert spaces is a web page where you can place any format or code. Customers are to provide their own artwork and content for these adverts. Please have your agency contact us for more information.
We can design an advert for you. E-mail for more information.

** Coupon cost includes design. Just tell us your promotion and we fill in the rest. If you have a company logo we would appreciate a copy.

*** This space is your space. If you want to use it as a mirror to your own web site, we can arrange this for you. Normally we would include an extended version of our Area Showcase with extra pictures, etc.
Other design options are available at extra cost
This package includes personal contact with our local representative who can help you tailor your content to meet our target audience with the greatest efficiency.


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