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International DriveWe wanted to find out about Hotels and Restaurants, who they were and what they often must it be happening to you?...Kissimmee-US192 was not only designed to show you the Walt Disney World Resort area, it's prime directive is to put you in touch with the businesses...Great Rates on accommodations, villas, car rental, theme park tickets and much more in Orlando.

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From it's southern end at US Hwy 192 to the North end at Belz Mall, you will be able to locate Hotels, Restaurants, Attractions, Grocery Stores etc...

Orlando International Drive Area Hotels

Here we will give you a comprehensive overview of the Orlando International Drive hotel choices.

From the more budget minded hotels that are located on Map #2 to the more prestigious Resorts located in the Map #5 section, there are many choices to be made here.

For those of you looking for a little more of the traditionally, Map #2 might be a good starting point for you. This also where you'll find things a little more congested, but much easier to walk to, especially, in the middle most portion of the mapping section.

But for those choosing Map #'s, 3 or 4, don't fret, though the newer section of International Drive was built for a little more room for growth (thus, making walking distances a little more further) the convenience of the 'inexpensive' trolley system will certainly get you around the area with relative ease.

If choosing an area just south of the Beeline Expressway near Sea World (Map # 5), please keep in mind that this is area remains part of a wide-open expanse of greenery that continues to undergo growth and change. However, you'll be pleased to know that the 'trolley' system of International Drive area, are all part of the services here, all the way to the junction of Hwy 535.

Hotel locations in the International Drive and Universal Blvd. area are listed here...

If you’re looking for Suite properties, there are a few in the area, and you can find these in a separate category for Suite Hotels.

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"'Sorry, there are no Hotel Listings available at this time. Click here to be taken to the Kissimmee 'Disney Area Hotels' section where examples of these can be found."


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